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Introduction to Virtual Interactive Response Webpage

Welcome to our Virtual Interactive Entrepreneur Webpage!

If you are responding to the webpage, you are in the midst of enjoying my book and are ready to maximize what you are learning. I think it is appropriate to explain why I have decided to make this an interactive webpage and how it all works. I do not believe you can learn to swim by just reading a “how-to-swim” book. Correspondingly, you cannot learn entrepreneurship just by reading a book. You have to figuratively get into the “water,” and take “calculated risks” and the first step is to become a virtual entrepreneur.

So what is unique is that you are invited to be virtual interactive entrepreneurs and answer exercises in my Playbook Classroom and I will give you feedback. To make your responses even more valuable, I ask that you provide me with some info about yourself, so that I can personalize the answers. I ask that you reflect on these questions and answers carefully as your answers will contribute to shaping how you think as you plan to start something new.

If you need additional professional work regarding other business matters, you can contact me at ( and I will be happy to guide you down a more customized path and advise you if there are any charges for such additional professional work.

One More Item: Any feedback as to how the strategies, tips, and techniques have assisted you in becoming a more successful entrepreneur would be appreciated.

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