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Business valuations are used for many purposes in the life of a business.  At The Green Group, we believe in creating value for you as an owner.  We know companies that are dedicated to value creation are more profitable, build a stronger framework for growth, and create higher living standards and more opportunities for individuals.  A business valuation can provide a clear framework for growth and planning, strategically identifying value drivers and creating a business which will obtain the maximum value at the time you are ready to sell it, merge it, or just keep running the business and creating growth and maximum value. 

Our consultants are designated Certified Valuation Analysts who possess advanced degrees in business, accounting and finance.  They have prepared business valuations in numerous industries and have provided expert witness and litigation support. 

In a business valuation we look at the history of the business (if available), research the industry, acquire industry benchmarks, compare it with industry research and complete a comprehensive analytical report which analyzes and calculates the value of a business at a fixed point in time.  Our final valuation report is comprehensive, informative and grounded in industry research, economic research and tied down with strong statistical and analytical evidence for our conclusion.  Additionally, our business valuations can provide insights into a company’s strengths and weaknesses to help you to understand what adds value to your business and provide a road map for increasing its value. 

Business valuations can be used for:

Strategic Planning for Maximum Value of Your Business

Buy Out of Shareholder or Partner

Gift and Estate Planning

Shareholder/Partner Disputes

Succession planning

Buy/Sell Agreements

Divorce/Matrimonial Issues

Business Financing

Venture Capital/Angel Funding Purposes

Bankruptcy Valuation & Support

Mergers & Acquisitions

Litigation Support

Purchase Price Allocations

Goodwill Analysis

Fair Market Valuations

Expert Testimony

Due Diligence Reviews

Cost Segregation Studies

Tangible and Intangible Asset Valuations

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