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A thorough estate evaluation and effective planning can help many estates save potential estate taxes and stress. 


In order to accomplish your goals, we structure your estate planning documents to make it simple and efficient to manage your estate and transfer assets to heirs. We address the necessity to modify your plan as time goes on as we continously evaluate your changing living circumstances and financial holdings. 


Why Hire us to handle your estate planning?

Our CPAs can inform you of the tax repercussions of each choice you make because of our extensive tax understanding. By hiring us, you can make sure that your estate plan optimizes the amount of your estate that will be handed on to your beneficiaries while minimizing the amount of taxes. 


It is now more necessary than ever to have our firm work side by side with your legal team to make maintaining your estate as straightforward as possible due to the astronomically high rates of taxation and inflation. 


In this way, we protect your inheritance and the money you have worked so hard to accumulate. Planning the sale of your property now, even if you are still young, can ensure that your heirs receive everything to which they are legally entitled. 

The Green Group will work side by side with your legal team to keep your estate taxes as low as possible, while at the same time maximizing the benefits associated with your estate trust. 

We can assist you with:

✔ Planning for Business Succession

✔ Strategies for Giving to Charities

✔ Analysis of Estate Tax Liability 

✔ Tax on Generation-Skipping Transfer of Ownership of a Business to the Next Generation. 

✔ Money-transfer tactics

✔ Taking Full Advantage of Estate and Gift Tax Exclusions before the Tax Law is Mandated to be reduced. 

✔ Maximizing the Giving of Gifts and the           Discounts the IRS Allows to Reduce or Eliminate any Taxes. 

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