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The role of a forensic accountant is one with many hats. They serve as your investigator, accountant, auditor and attorney in instances of fraud.

You might be thinking, fraud in my business, never, why would I even need a forensic accountant? This role, however, can fulfill one of business continuity to ensure all of your hard work stays safe and secure. We will come in, determine if there is anything that may not be sitting right by reviewing your books and records, security mesaures you may have in place and help you ascertain the best steps forward. If there is no fraud but you're worried it could occur in the future, we can also complete an analysis and then assist you in setting up security systems and to help protect against future fraud.

In the event your business is a victim of fraud, we can reconstruct your accounting records, calculate and quantify losses and economic dangers, trace assets and identify unreported income or income diverted from your business.

While no single measure will 100% protect you or your business, taking steps to put processes and business continuity measures in place along with periodic forensic discovery can make sure that any potential threats do not turn into catastrophic events for your business resulting in money lost, damaged reputations and the possibility of having to shut down your business.

Some areas where this particular service is utilized:

✔ Family Matrimonial Law - Fraud or Litigation Support

✔ Shareholder/Partner Disputes

✔ Minority Shareholders

✔ Employee or Vendor Theft

✔ Collusion of Employees - i.e., CEO/CFO

✔ Expert Witness Testimony

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