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Investing your money in real estate can be tricky business if you don’t have the best professional assistance behind you. At The Green Group we understand the intricacies that present themselves in this area because some of our partners are real estate investors themselves.

We offer expertise in all aspects of retail and commercial real estate ventures including purchasing, selling and managing.

Whether you are a developer, owner, manager or investor we can help you navigate the volatile real estate market to maximize your profits and opportunities. To be profitable, you must constantly be looking to the future and we are. Our real estate group stays up to date on changes in the real estate markets, local laws, refinancing analysis and taxes that may impact you.

The Green Group incorporates tax planning into your real estate equation to allow you to keep as much profit from your investment as possible, while at the same time maximizing the benefits associated with your investment.

We can assist you with:

✔ Valuation

✔ Passive vs. Non-Passive Activity

✔ Depreciation Analysis

✔ 1031 Exchange

✔ Partnership Issues

✔ Buy vs. Lease Analysis

✔ Syndications

✔ Financing Analysis

✔ Estate Issues

✔ Allocation Issues

✔ Financing Analysis

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