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A new parent wouldn’t leave their newborn in the hands of an unqualified care taker, just like you wouldn’t want your start-up in the hands of someone who hasn’t been there before.

Your start-up is like your child. You’ve created an idea, a product, a masterpiece. You’ve poured your heart and soul into it because you’re an entrepreneur and that’s what you do. You’ve raised capital and require the skills and expertise of a firm who can guide you along your path to greatness.

The Green Group has been involved in many successful, and a few not so successful, start-ups through the years. From beverage companies, to software, green energy, pet food, clothing lines, healthcare, health foods, retail companies and many more. Your start-up consumes your life 24/7 until you get it just right, and then for (hopefully) many years later. 

Many of the hurdles we’ve helped start-ups overcome include:

Business Plans

Incorporation Strategy

Determining Ownership Structure

Succession Planning

Employee Packages




Buy-sell Agreements

While getting your business off the ground, your focus should be on the logistics and the product, let us take care of everything else.

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